Welcome to JTFTA.

The idea of  Establishment  Comes from  Oemer Korkmaz since 1996

Dippend on Meeting with Mr.Huseyin Yayman from MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND TOURISM after discustion of greatering relations between Japan and Turkey incesing number of visits each counrty.

Both Nation asks questions to what connects us to each other?  We are two different  country and a far a way country but we are connected to each other eyes of the heart.

as for we started to start taff and hard working to bring results

we are backuped at this moment Göreme Minucipality Mayor Mr. Nuri Cingil,

İzmir Deputy Governor Mr.Mustafa Harputlu 

Nevşehir Governor,

Ahiler development agency,

KAPHİB,    Ürgup,    Uchisar Municipalities,

Nevsehir Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

Nevsehir Mercantile Exchange,

Nevsehir Turkish Airlines Sales Office,

KAPTİD,    Iryoko ltd,     Sakura Cave Suites,    Azure Cave Suites 

Moonstar Ozzencir Travel Agency,


Japan side

K.K. Derebey, Superneedle,

Miki Nagato a Japanese Person

to be continue increasing number of companies and organizations.

to join us please send email to oemerk@me.com with your profile information.